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  1. @Ousama_Lawson - Accepted as Beta Tester (probation period) .Please contact me as soon as possible Please make sure , you are joined in our Discord server https://discord.gg/px6A5k7t
  2. Server Offenses Deathmatching - attacking/killing a player without a valid IC reason.It may lead to warn&prison up to 4 hours and weapon restrictions . RevengeKilling - killing someone who killed you first .You lose 30 minutes from your memory when you die .It may lead to prison up to 2 hours. Metagaming - is using the information gained OOC'ly to influence an IC situation.It may lead to fine up to 5% of total wealth or prison 30-60 minutes. Powergaming - is the act of using in-game to favor their own character and giving them an unfair or unrealistic advantage.I
  3. Cosmin

    Chat Rules

    Chat Rules We are English speaking server , you must speak at all the times and be able to understand it. Community help channels are out-of-character (/c , /newb ) - Their purpose is to assist newcomers & players with questions. about the game , script or the game rules .Otherwise the text might be trashed by our assistants. You may use the /newb channel for questions only. Do not engage in conversations through the /newb channel. Do not advertise items through these channels or in-character purposes . General Chat Rules ( normal chat , /b , /s , /
  4. care este parola ca sa intru pe sv



    1. Mark Galloway

      Mark Galloway

      Cand poti juca , sa jucam inpreuna ps : sti unde  este dmv ?


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